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creativity + wellness = good business

Unlock The Creative

Superpower of Your Team

  • Innovative solution for your next professional/leadership development.
  • Excellent opportunity for team building.
  • Destress and restore your team members  
  • Unlocking inner creativity is the key to opening the door to the best version of a person.
  • Reap the benefits of creative employees that excel at problem-solving.
  • Fully customizable workshop experience to match your company's needs.

What is an ArtSpa?

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An interactive workshop for your team, featuring art exercises, tools and art materials to reawaken your team's creativity, enhancing personal development. The ArtSpa kit is filled with luxurious art materials delivered to your home/office. The event is structured to meet the objectives and needs of a team and company. Your team enjoys a full sensory workshop experience by creating art, connecting with each other and refreshing the soul. 


Reward your team and refresh performance! The workshop is like a retreat that has been designed to surprise and spark creativity, even if your team members don’t think they are creative. Know that they will find pleasure and joy in the power of connecting, slowing down and creating and will have the materials to continue their creative journey.

Karen Mayer, artist and founder of SavvyArt Market, helps management teams, employees and executives explore and tap into their creativity. She has a passion for reconnecting people with their inner artist and creative expression. 


Please be assured this is not a “paint night” experience, resulting in another piece of unwanted art.

Why Is Creativity Important?

Why would you want to unlock individual creativity to benefit your team and company?

• Improves problem-solving skills

• More productive

• Better mental focus

• Better decision-making

• Stress relief

• Build confidence

• Forging new connections with people, beneficial team-building

• Be more financially grounded (yes that's right!)

• Experience an expanded sense of time and inner peace

• Improved self-awareness and expression

• Participants experience freedom

More about creativity (the scientific studies and all...)

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Best idea ever for your next professional/leadership development or team-building event.

How It Works






We hop on a call to discuss your desired event, including number of participants, virtual or live, budget, time length, required date(s), etc. Receive a quotation including full details for what to expect.



We do it all for you! Purchase, assemble art kits and ship direct to participants. We ship everywhere. Optional bulk shipment to one or more locations. Flexible solutions. No minimum or maximum quantity.


The event is delivered professionally with premium service and mindfulness. We do break out rooms or keep the group together via Zoom or live. We offer a fun, interactive, restorative experience for participants.


Reap the benefits of your team members feeling refreshed and inspired ready to tackle challenges with a new perspective.




Screen Shot 2021-07-14 at 4.40.53 PM.png

Great opportunity to spend time with colleagues as we worked together in the virtual meeting. It was great having designated time to explore using the oil pastels on different paper and plastic surfaces.

                            ~ Barbara C.

Sample Tool


This tool is called Create A Flow - The Skating Game. It is one of several tools we use in ArtSpa programs. I created this tool to help participants experience expressing emotion and making art by laying lines down on a page and NOT judging themselves and their end result.

I have found this tool to be effective teaching participants how to start creating art and giving them a self-care stress-relieving tool. 

Click video to the right to try the tool >

Kit 1.0

ArtSpa Kit 1_edited_edited.jpg

Sample Zoom Session

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