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How Can Creativity Help Me?

A regular practice of creativity informs and benefits all parts of your life and how you manage, cope, and respond to daily life, relationships, stress, and challenges that come with our volatile world (pandemic, economic crisis, war, job market, climate change, etc.). Practicing creativity skills can transfer benefits to other parts of your life, leading to positive innovative outcomes at your work, career, school, and relationships.

What are the benefits of practicing creativity?

· Become more resilient with the practice of the trial and pivot cycle and faster connection to creativity.

· Reduce stress by spending time dwelling in the present in the space between your thoughts.

· Be happier. Studies have shown that meaningful activities like creative expression make people happier. Fill your cup with fulfilling activities.

· Be more confident with your creativity from the trial and pivot cycle and practice of experimenting and implementing your decisions.

· Better decision-making skills from the practice of making decisions in the trial and pivot cycle of creativity.

· Improved mental focus by concentrating on a focused activity drawing from the spirit inside you.

· Improved problem-solving skills from the practice of cycling trial and pivot experimenting and faster connection to your creativity.

· Faster connection to your creativity means it fires when you call upon it.

· Better communication skills from practicing various ways to communicate a message or story, implementing various creativity projects.

ArtSpa is designed to provide you the opportunity to practice self-care, bring you joy, activate your senses, and express yourself creatively. This course is special because I’ll help you spark your creativity, especially if you lost it.

Click here to start now.

Karen Mayer, Artist and Founder, SavvyArt Market and ArtSpa

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