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ARTSPA Escapes

All ArtSpa Escapes are listed here, including Creativity For Stress Relief Escape Series. Each Escape comes with an art kit and video art demonstrations and tips. You are welcome to purchase additional art kits separately, based on availability.

3 Levels to Experience Escapes (Purchase Options) 
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ArtSpa is an offering of courses, workshops and services to activate your creativity using art-based techniques and exercises meant to spark your imagination. Bring joy and art into your home and provide an opportunity for self-care.


AArtSpa will reconnect you with your creativity. We introduce you to a new concept of what a spa experience is, where you can:

  • style your own home with art,

  • learn about the art market and terminology,

  • learn how to buy art to create a sanctuary of beauty in your home,

  • build a gallery wall,

  • create art that you are proud of,

  • utilize cherished family heirlooms into an artwork,

  • collaborate with an artist to make your idea come to life,

  • upcycle art you already have, 

  • develop quicker access to your creativity skills,

  • Learn the secret skills of artists for life benefits,

  • work with artists and art experts.

Work with our experts to feel supported, encouraged and guided as you explore reconnecting with your creativity.


ARTSPA Escapes

Individual Escapes

Spark Your Creativity

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Find pleasure and joy in the power of slowing down and creating! Join by yourself or with your friends to experience ArtSpa. At this time you can choose a FREE sampler workshop or a full self-paced course that provides the opportunity for you to be creative and have fun learning a meaningful and intentional way to add energy to your life. Both are designed to revive your spirit as you practice self-care.


  • Designed with your busy schedule in mind.

  • Spark Your Creativity SAMPLER is a LIVE 90-minute workshop on scheduled Sundays or Tuesday evenings and includes art exercises, tools and a small art project.

  • Spark Your Creativity DIY Course is filled with video trainings, art exercises, tools and 2 art projects. 

  • Like a trip to a new kind of spa (right in your own home) that has been designed to surprise and spark creativity.

  • Both workshops are best especially for people you don’t think you are creative.


The kit components vary depending on the ArtSpa workshop. We ship the kits right to your home. Be assured we have a lot of fun creating unique and rewarding experiences for you.

Karen Mayer, artist and founder of SavvyArt Market, has a passion for reconnecting people with their inner artist and creative expression. 


Please be assured this is not a “paint night” experience, resulting in another piece of unwanted art.


Reward yourself the time to experience this workshop in the Present and be refreshed.

ACT now for the opportunity to try for FREE

for a limited time.

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