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What is an ArtSpa?

A fun escape that involves art and creativity. It's an interactive pre-recorded online program, featuring art exercises, demonstrations, tools and an art kit of materials to unlock creativity that lives inside you. You create art at your own pace or with friends, providing you relief from the stresses of your week and satisfying that deep yearning inside. 

Choose from our Creativity For Stress Relief Experiences

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Escape #1

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Creativity For Stress Relief Escape Series

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How It Works






Select the escape that best fits your interest. Sign up by yourself or with a group of friends or colleagues. We focus on developing your creativity, different than other art programs. Send us any questions. Purchase.


We do it all for you! We ship the art kit to you (and your group members), shipping included. We ship everywhere*. No minimum or maximum quantity.


The Escapes are self-directed and professionally prepared.  We offer a fun, restorative experience for participants. Watch for announcements of LIVE Q&A sessions and LIVE Creating Together Webinar Events.


Reap the benefits of feeling refreshed and inspired. Studies have shown that a regular routine of self-care is shown to reduce burn-out, relieve stress, increase happiness and prevent disease. 

Sandra M.

Loved this opportunity to take a break, to create and to connect! It is a literal and metaphorical gift that you can give to yourself and to your friends. Thank-you!

What People Say...

An enjoyable way to spend a couple of hours! Karen was engaging and prepared with her presentation. Her mindful art activities and examples allowed you to be creative and all the while relaxed. There was a lot of support and encouragement offered with no judgement. Art is a journey and it was great to have this experience as it allowed me to explore and decompress at the same time. Thank you Karen!

Great session. Good balance of information and creating time. The lead in exercises were fun. I felt energized after the session.

Lisa N.

Donna H.

Art by Workshop Friends

IMG_3859 smaller
IMG_20210617_113841 smaller
IMG_20210617_113854 smaller
IMG_20210617_113743 smaller

Great opportunity to spend time with colleagues as we worked together in the virtual meeting. It was great having designated time to explore using the oil pastels on different paper and plastic surfaces.

                            ~ Barbara C.

Sample Tool


This tool is called Create A Flow - The Skating Game. It is one of several tools we use in ArtSpa programs.

I created this tool to help participants experience expressing emotion and making art by laying lines down on a page and NOT judging yourselves and your end result.

I have found this tool to be effective teaching participants how to start creating art and giving them a self-care stress-relieving tool. 

Click video at right to try the tool >
Screen Shot 2021-11-11 at 10.50.59 PM.png

Find pleasure and joy in the power of slowing down and creating! Join by yourself or with your friends to experience ArtSpa, a self-paced workshop combining art and wellness.


  • The class has been designed with your busy schedule in mind.

  • The Escapes are filled with video trainings, art exercises and tools to revive your spirit as you practice self-care. 

  • The workshop is like a retreat that has been designed to surprise and spark creativity, even if you don’t think you are creative.


The kit components vary depending on the ArtSpa Escape. We ship the kits right to your home. Be assured we have a lot of fun creating unique and rewarding experiences for you.

Karen Mayer, artist and founder of SavvyArt Market, has a passion for reconnecting people with their inner artist and creative expression. 


Please be assured this is not a “paint night” experience, resulting in another piece of unwanted art.


Reward yourself the time to experience this workshop in the Present and be refreshed.

Why Is Creativity Important?

By the end of this workshop you will discover how to access your creativity and know how to deploy self-care strategies to combat the stress and anxiety you experience when faced by your present day challenges.

• Improves problem-solving skills

• More productive

• Better mental focus

• Better decision-making

• Stress relief

• Build confidence

• Forging new connections with people, beneficial team-building

• Be more financially grounded (yes that's right!)

• Experience an expanded sense of time and inner peace

• Improved self-awareness and expression

• Participants experience freedom

More about creativity (the scientific studies and all...)

IMG_0201 copy.jpg
Join As A Group

How to join as a group: Buy a kit for each participant. One participant buys full program access, which includes a kit. Set up a zoom session for a time and date that works for the group. For the participant that purchased course access share your screen to run the videos and demonstrations for the whole group. Work on each module together at the same pace. Enjoy the time together and have fun with it! 


How We Got Here

At ArtSpa, we sincerely care about your well-being. Founder and artist Karen Mayer opened SavvyArt Market in 2010. Since then we have been matching great people with great art, sharing the health benefits of viewing and buying great art. Accelerated by the pandemic Karen wanted to create an experience for people using art as a tool for wellness. The push to do so came in the form of a message on a tea bag, "inner peace creates peace in the world." Our mission is to help people develop their creativity to spread its benefits, creating inner peace one person at a time!

Our courses and products reflect the focus and importance Karen placed on self-care and wellness over the past 10 years. We take pride in taking the time to understand our clients and their needs on a journey towards wellness for their team and staff or them and their family. ArtSpa is ready to help you, so don’t delay finding inner peace another day. Get in touch today!

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Touching the Surface

"Every child is an artist. The problem is staying an artist when you grow up."

- Pablo Picasso





100 - 33 SHEPHERD RD.


INFO@ARTSPA.CA | TEL.416-464-0815

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