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LIVE Workshop - Special Bonus!

Spark Your Creativity,

Unlock Your Potential!

  • ​Become A More Confident And Creative Entrepreneur 

  • Achieve Faster Business Success By Seeing Opportunities

  • Be A More Dynamic Communicator

  • Be A Better Problem-Solver

  • Expert Tips How Using YOUR Creativity Can Benefit You

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Reconnect to your creativity, especially if you don't think you're creative or feel like you've lost it; and instantly boost your creative confidence, eliminating self-doubt


Overcome what is keeping you stuck from using your imagination to its full potential.


A game-changing process to help you go from zero creative-thinking to finding your own voice, having fun being inspired with on-demand access to your imagination.


"Great session. Good balance of information and creating time. The lead in exercises were fun. I felt energized after the session."

~ Lisa N.

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This workshop provides powerful
insight for entrepreneurs
because your inner creativity is where
your superpower comes from.

Substitute "superpower" for
competitive advantage,
winning products and content, and
entrepreneurial instincts. 

Choose to live life and run your
business at the highest level possible by embracing the power
of your inner creativity.

90 min LIVE Workshop

with Karen Mayer

This is a new ArtSpa. Be the first participants to attend. Join Karen Mayer via Zoom for 90 mins and learn how to reconnect to your innate creativity so you don't have to rely on other people's ideas for solving problems, marketing strategies and product/program development. 

The workshop is structured like our other successful ArtSpas and modified to address the needs of entrepreneurs. It is interactive and designed to stimulate your curiosity with fun art exercises and tools. Learn how to be refreshed and re-energized using materials from your own house. 

ArtSpa was created to reconnect people

with their innate creativity for the benefits:

  • Improve your observation skills because you can't act on an opportunity if you don't notice it in the first place.

  • Better problem-solving skills by seeing challenges differently to help you succeed despite limited resources 

  • Bring more joy and happiness into your life, because playing for the fun of it is VERY important to your health, well-being and business endeavours.

  • Build new paths to your happy chemicals by feeding your brain new experiences to build resilience. 

  • Improve self-awareness, expression and communication skills that help you connect to clients, partners and vendors.

  • Build confidence and squash self-judgement so you can attain your goals


We will email your bonus workbook that includes instructions on what to expect for the workshop. Also we'll tell you what to prepare so you'll be ready to have a great experience. ArtSpa is intentionally designed to help you reconnect with your creativity, identify your blockers and propel you forward into releasing your imagination without the overwhelm.


We will email you a calendar link to choose your preferred time and date of the next ArtSpa Sampler for Entrepreneurs. 


You will have the opportunity to interact and ask Karen any burning questions you might have about your creativity and your unique situation. Stay to the end to take advantage of this opportunity to have your question answered.

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ArtSpa workshops are uniquely designed to encourage participants to investigate inner creativity, reconnecting them to their innate skills. This is where an entrepreneur can find the answers to most of their challenges.

Using art-based projects, uniquely designed tools and exercises, we deliver a full experience to help you activate your imagination. Every ArtSpa workshop delivers four pillars:





The foundation of ArtSpa is based on these pillars so they are serious business; but you should know on purpose, the workshops are FUN!

We especially want to reach people who don't think

they are creative or who have difficulty busting out a stick figure when asked to explain a concept by sketching their idea.

ArtSpa workshops, courses and art kits reflect the focus and importance Karen has placed on self-care and wellness over the past 12 years. ArtSpa is ready to help you, so don’t delay another day reconnecting with your innate creativity.  

ArtSpa for Entrepreneurs


ArtSpa was created by entrepreneur


Karen Mayer


She knows first hand what that title means. Karen writes,


"In 2010, mid-career I experienced an epiphany, which resulted in quitting my sales and marketing career to build SavvyArt Market, an online art gallery. I had the vision of bringing the joy of art to people and their homes. It was an abrupt decision to activate my artistic side, but a calling I could not ignore.

I did not plan for all the challenges I encountered.

The online environment was uncertain. I couldn't find a small online gallery to model. Back then Shopify was not invented and sales funnels were not known to me and I never heard of GoDaddy, so I paid way too much money to build a website and market my gallery. I was slow to launch, questioning everything. I struggled to grow a community of followers and made many expensive decisions that didn't work out. I worked for free to better understand the business. The economy was still recovering from the 2008 recession, but I started the business anyway, because that's what entrepreneurs do. Answer a calling with perseverance and resilience.

I admit I wouldn't have been so resilient if I hadn't initially focused on restoring my connection to my innate creativity and inner peace for a year after I quit my high stress unbalanced lifestyle, working full-time and not taking care of myself. And when my business success looked uncertain, I turned inward towards my creativity skills to find the answers. That always worked for me.

In 2019, I began to notice how the grind of daily life was negatively affecting people around me, worsening from the challenges posed by the COVID pandemic.  I got busy and created ArtSpa, an experience for people using art to reconnect them with their creativity, sharing the joy, fun and benefits of creative expression. The push to do so was confirmed in the form of a message on a Yogi tea bag, "inner peace creates peace in the world." This fired my passion to learn more about creativity.


I dove in head first and consumed research about creativity, volumes of studies and books from experts. I was inspired by what I learned about how much your creativity skills or lack of creativity can positively or negatively affect your life and business. With my love of all things art, I am very excited to share what I learned with all of you.  


At ArtSpa, we sincerely believe your well-being, happiness and success is linked to your creativity skills.  Our mission is to help entrepreneurs develop and reconnect with their creativity, to spread information about its benefits, creating inner peace one person at a time!"

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How late can I register for a workshop? You can sign up as late as 4 hours before on the day of the workshop. We recommend you take some time to collect the items and have them ready in preparation for the workshop.

Is this workshop really FREE? Yes it is. You use your own materials at home.

How many instructors run a workshop? The ArtSpa sampler is a virtual workshop. There is one instructor with one or two assistants who help with managing the Zoom session.

Is there a minimum number of participants? There is no minimum number and no maximum number of attendees.

What experience does the lead instructor have? Karen Mayer has 25 years of experience in management consulting, sales and marketing roles, including leadership and management positions before founding SavvyArt Market. All that experience leading teams was supplemented by various training programs in Teaching Adults, Facilitation, Presentation and Communication Skills. She is an artist, entrepreneur and Founder of SavvyArt Market online gallery and ArtSpa.

Why haven't I heard of ArtSpa? ArtSpa was invented in 2020 by Karen Mayer after much reflection on why she and the people she observed were struggling with skills like decision-making and unhappiness. Karen created ArtSpa to directly address people's disconnection from their innate creativity, which she feels is a major root cause of many challenges entrepreneurs and people are experiencing on a regular basis.

What if I want a different date or length of time for my workshop? We are happy to adapt an ArtSpa to meet your needs.

How much does an ArtSpa cost? This Sampler workshop is $47. Discount codes can be used. We offer ArtSpa courses in a range of prices. Go to course tab in the top menu for options.

What if I am shy or have mobility issues? We can adapt our workshop to cater to your needs.

Do you have in-person classes or workshops? Yes we do. Sign up for our newsletter on contact page and follow us on Instagram and Facebook to receive dates for upcoming in-person classes and workshops.

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