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Unlock The Creative Superpower of Your Team in a

UNIQUE Fun Interactive Teambuilding Workshop


WORKSHOP FORMAT: A workshop focused on fun, team-building exercise(s),  art project(s), specifically designed to spark creativity. Your team will be proud to showcase their work, not filling their closets with it.


UNIQUE CONTENT: Focus is on activating innate creativity, more beneficial than copying an artwork like a paint night class. We use art materials of all kinds to do this.


CUSTOM REQUESTS WELCOME:  Projects and exercises can be tailored to your team or theme for a more meaningful experience.

PROFESSIONAL LEADERSHIP: Led by Karen Mayer, an expert artist with team-building, facilitation, and group leadership experience, founder of SavvyArt Market gallery and ArtSpa.

FLEXIBILITY IN DELIVERY: Virtual or in-person options. At your location or off-site. Optional in-depth content lessons about what blocks your inner creativity and how to connect with it for maximum benefits.

TIME LENGTH: 90 Minutes or 3 hours

NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY: Courage to be present is all that's needed. Then trust our guidance and your instincts.


Time For TEAM Member
Creativity to Shine

ARTSPA For Teams



We are so confident you will love an ArtSpa for your employees, we invite you to an individual workshop to test the experience.

"Play was much needed... It was much more fun than expected."

~ J. (participant)

"Once upon a time I painted. The last few years I've only been doing paint by numbers because even picking a colour gives me anxiety. I really enjoyed how no one person was put on the spot so you had no choice but to let go of control... Thank you. I needed those laughs more than you could know."

~ C. (participant)

"Hearing the team laugh! Nice links between creativity and health."

~ S. (team leader)

"I think the first activity with our eyes closed really helped foster trust, and allowed us all to be judgement free."

~ S (participant)

"Collaborating with my team in a lighthearted activity! Super fun!"

~S (participant)

"Team bonding with the portraits - so fun. Very enjoyable - Thank you!"

~A (participant)

Other participant comments:

How likely to recommend ArtSpa to a friend or colleague? VERY! Very likely. 100%. Definitely! 100%  

Great work!

Most valuable or enjoyable about the workshop?

The portraits. Having fun!

Click Get Started.

Briefly describe your team, the work they do, number of people, virtual or live, budget, workshop time length preferred, available dates.

Let's meet by phone or zoom to discuss the workshop options.

You'll receive a quote for your ArtSpa workshop, including a detail list of kit components and agenda for the event.

The kits are assembled and delivered (optional).


The workshop is held. Everyone has fun and leave feeling their best.

Full customer support by a human from start to finish.










  • NEW AND INNOVATIVE: Fulfill team building objectives while experiencing a different kind of session - a workshop.

  • UNLOCK INNER CREATIVITY OF TEAM MEMBERS: Why is this important? Read More

  • DESTRESS THE TEAM: Practicing creative expression is known to relieve stress. Participating with team members in a collaborate creative way provides unique opportunity for deeper connections. 

  • RESTORE AND REJUVENATE THE TEAM: Reap the benefits of a refreshed team, a fresh perspective.

  • ALL MEDIUMS AVAILABLE: canvas, acrylic, paper, metal and more.

  • FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE: Workshops are flexible to match your needs and number of people.

  • ART KITS: Regular or custom art kits make excellent gifts that can be taken home by participants and provide extended self-care time creating at home.



How many days from initial inquiry to delivering a workshop? Ideally we would appreciate 1-2 weeks to prepare including ordering in kit components, but we know that timing is not always possible. We do our very best to fit your timelines. If there isn't enough time, we'll let you know right away, but we'll also come up with options to make the experience special no matter the amount of time given to prepare. The greater number of participants and remote locations require more time to prepare so preferred leadtimes could change to 4 weeks minimum.

Do we provide formal quotations? Absolutely. With professional experience we can provide proposals that fit your requirements.

How many instructors attend a workshop? For small groups 4 ppl + two instructors attend. For more participants we add instructors.

Is there a minimum number of participants? There is no minimum number and no maximum number of attendees.

What experience does the lead facilitator have? Karen Mayer has 25 years of experience in management consulting, sales and marketing roles, including leadership and management positions before founding SavvyArt Market. All that experience leading teams was supplemented by various training programs in Teaching Adults, Facilitation, Presentation and Communication Skills.

Why haven't I heard of ArtSpa? ArtSpa was invented in 2020 by Karen Mayer after much reflection on why she and the people she observed were struggling with skills like decision-making and unhappiness. Karen created ArtSpa to directly address people's disconnection from their innate creativity, which she feels is a major root cause of many challenges employees (and in turn their employers) and people are experiencing on a regular basis.

What if I want a different length of time for my workshop? We are happy to adapt an ArtSpa to meet your needs.

How much does an ArtSpa cost? We would be happy to price an ArtSpa for you. There are many variables to an ArtSpa for Teams that makes it difficult to say one cost. Those variables include number of participants, LIVE or virtual (Zoom), Kits or no kits, pre-mailed or onsite, materials used in the workshop, how long is the workshop, any custom requests, travel to your site vs. local, the number of and preferred art project(s), any take-homes... If you are trying to keep to a budget, tell us what the budget is and we'll tailor an experience for you on budget.

What if some of my staff are introverted or have mobility issues? We can adapt our workshop to cater to the needs of each of your team members.

What type of facility do you need to deliver an ArtSpa on site? For smaller groups a boardroom, cafeteria or lunch room works well. Access to water source and sink are desirable but not critical. For larger groups a ballroom size setting with several tables works well.





ArtSpa Kit 1_edited_edited.jpg
ArtSpa for Entrepreneurs


ArtSpa was created by artist, art stylist,

author, entrepreneur

Karen Mayer


In 2010, mid-career I experienced an epiphany, which resulted in quitting my sales and marketing career. I worked in many sectors for government and private companies small and large, including sales, management consulting, and economic development roles. I quit a corporate lifestyle to build SavvyArt Market, an online art gallery. I had the vision of bringing the joy of art to people and their homes. It was an abrupt decision to activate my artistic side, but a calling I could not ignore.

I did not plan for all the challenges I encountered.

The online environment was uncertain. I couldn't find a small online gallery to model. Back then Shopify was not invented and sales funnels were not known to me and I never heard of GoDaddy, so I paid way too much money to build a website and market my gallery. I was slow to launch, questioning everything. I struggled to grow a community of followers and made many expensive decisions that didn't work out. I worked for free to better understand the business. The economy was still recovering from the 2008 recession, but I started the business anyway, because that's what entrepreneurs do. Answer a calling with perseverance and resilience.

I admit I wouldn't have been so resilient if I hadn't initially focused on restoring my connection to my innate creativity and inner peace for a year after I quit my high stress unbalanced lifestyle, working full-time and not taking care of myself. And when my business success looked uncertain, I turned inward towards my creativity skills to find the answers. That always worked for me. I have also learned that works for teams.

In 2019, I began to notice how the grind of daily life was negatively affecting people around me, worsening from the challenges posed by the COVID pandemic.  I got busy and created ArtSpa, an experience for people using art to reconnect them with their creativity, sharing the joy, fun and benefits of creative expression. The push to do so was confirmed in the form of a message on a Yogi tea bag, "inner peace creates peace in the world." This fired my passion to learn more about creativity.


I dove in head first and consumed research about creativity, volumes of studies and books from experts. I was inspired by what I learned about how much your creativity skills or lack of creativity can positively or negatively affect your life and business. With my love of all things art, I am very excited to share what I learned with all of you.  


At ArtSpa, we sincerely believe in the well-being, happiness and success of teams, which is directly linked to individual creativity skills.  Our mission is to help all kinds of teams develop, reconnect with and harness the power of their team's individual and collective creativity!"

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