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A fun in-person workshop designed to spark your creativity!

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Bring a friend or family member (maybe your mom for Mother’s Day)! No artistic experience required.

Unwind, destress, connect with friends and make new ones. Laughs expected.

“I needed those laughs more than you could know” - C.


“Play was much needed...” - J.

$65 CAD per person

$100 CAD per couple (share 1 kit)

Two Payment Options When You Register:

1. Interac E-transfer to (Question= church address, Answer= 1525litchfield)

2. Cheque payable to: Trafalgar Presbyterian Church, Subject Line - TPC (ArtSpa Drop off there or mail in.)

SATURDAY, MAY 11, 2024

7:00 PM - 9:30 PM



Deadline for Registration: May 1, 2024

Price includes art kit, drinks and snacks. You don't have to be a member of the church to take part.

Coloured pastels.png


1. Fill out the registration form in full. When registering a couple (two people) place both names in one registration form and record number of people. For example, Betty James and Sam Everly would register one email address, First Name: Betty James, Last Name: Sam Everly if last names are different. 

If you are registering a number of people with one email address please add the correct number of people.

2. Click Submit. Your information will be submitted.

3. You will receive an email with additional details, welcoming you to the ArtSpa.

4. You will receive one or two additional emails reminding you of the upcoming event.

Registration Form

Thanks for submitting!

Deep Dive Info

Participants will learn about the ArtSpa concept, which is unique and based on research about creativity. Each ArtSpa workshop delivers four pillars of the program: Creativity, Joy, Self-care and a Physical Experience. The workshop is designed to activate participant’s creativity skills, have fun with mindset reset techniques that can be deployed in future to be present, release stress and feel joy in quick moments.


An ArtSpa is more than a paint night experience. You get the fun and joy of a paint night experience plus you also learn how to tap into your own inner creativity for all the benefits (immediate and future). See below. TPC ArtSpa is an adaptation of the larger more in-depth Spark Your Creativity ArtSpa workshop, in which participants laughed and expressed appreciation for the unique experience.


The art activity is creating beautiful greeting cards on fine art paper, with envelopes included, using oil pastels and Dura-Lar, which you can use and send to others (as compared to making a painting that you may not keep.) The paper, Dura-Lar, and oil pastel crayons are specifically chosen to provide a luxurious physical experience of creating. These mini artworks can be shared with loved ones (for example, give an artful card to your mom for Mother’s Day) or can be framed and hung. In my experience a homemade/handmade card is a wonderful gift to receive and cherish!


ArtSpa benefits include:

  1. Self-care, joy and laughter

  2. Embracing the power of your inner creativity

  3. Faster access to your creativity skills

  4. Build confidence & mental focus

  5. Improve your problem-solving and decision-making skills

  6. Relieve stress and bring more joy and happiness into your life

  7. Build new paths to your happy chemicals by feeding your brain new experiences

  8. Improve self-awareness and expression

  9. Overcome self-judgement and perfectionism.

  10. Experience an expanded sense of time and inner peace

  11. A fun way to express yourself creatively in a safe risk-free space that transfers the benefits to your other skills.

  12. Connect with like-minded people.


If you are wondering how the ArtSpa program can deliver all of that, I would love the opportunity to share more about the ArtSpa concept so you can apply it to your life. I have four wishes for every participant:

  1. Build the habit of creatively expressing yourself, whatever that turns out to be for you.

  2. Learn something new. Practicing the act of learning itself is incredibly important in this sped-up world to keep your brain flexible enough to continue learning new things.

  3. Experience being in the present for an extended length of time, to experience the space between your thoughts, which is a very peaceful, regenerating place to be.

  4. Authentic fun that causes joy.

The workshop is led by Karen Mayer, Creativity Expert, Founder of SavvyArt Market Gallery and ArtSpa.

Read more here.

Final Agenda TBA


ArtSpa format is usually the following:


  • Introduction

  • What is an ArtSpa?


  • Mindset Reset 

  • Bubbles

  • Create-A-Flow


  • Noise and Creativity 

  • Creativity Myth


  • Creative Expression - Greeting Cards Edition

Kit Contents - To Be Confirmed


1 Black Sharpie

4 Greeting Cards 5" x 7" with envelope 

1 Uhu glue stick

1 Matte Dura-Lar Transparent sheet

1 Gloss Dura-Lar Transparent sheet

12 Oil Pastels 

1 HB Pencil 

6 Sheets of white printer paper 

2 Sheets newsprint

1 ArtSpa Kit Box

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